A New World Awaits

In re-imagining work, we often ask the question of “Why it Matters?”  The team dealt with this important soul-stirring question very early on.  Why did it matter that we started with a visual such as the half-moon window?  What was the message?

It did not take long for us to think about our purpose in our work.  We thought of how our work, was in fact, spiritual work.  It had connected people unknown to one another in a common goal to emerge and become like family.  We cared, protected and shared visions.  We became community.  As we became community, so did those who walked by the window each day and smiled, soon they became community, not only with their smiles but now with their ‘hellos’.

The message became very clear:  We only have to look inside ourselves and discover that which we like to create and make it so.  You see, each of us has all we need to create the world and everything in it…it only has to be done.   And the window, well, it is the window into our souls, just asking for a peek see!


About We Want Green, Too!

We are a holistic based training program for disenfranchised individuals, that supports healing of souls through retraining to acquire skill sets for GOOD work in recreating livable urban spaces through retrofitting houses and rebuilding sustainable relationships and Beloved communities.
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