It started in Jackson, Michigan, just west of Detroit.  A friend needed help in rehabbing her son’s old house for sale.   I worked for a law firm that was counseling and assisting veterans to obtain their Social Security and Veteran’s Benefits…. and it all started to emerge.

As I counseled veterans, the stories all rang of a particular note, hurt and despair.  Men mostly, homeless, separated from family and friends, with crafts but with so much internal pain.  I wondered, out of my own memory of pain and isolation, what could help them heal.

The idea to involve them in retrofitting, teaching sustainability, working with their hands to create, maybe this would help.  It worked!  Men unknown to one another sharing stories, sharing work, sharing tears.  The healing process began, and so did “We Want Green, Too!”

In an effort to further the healing process we discovered, the decision was made to test it  on a community at large.  We began to sustainably retrofit a house in a devastated East Side Community.  The project is known as the 3007 Project House, and the artist in residence is me, Gloria Lowe.

It is a first attempt to do ‘Green’ on a shoe string.  It is environmental and of sustainable materials.  Some of the youth in the area were involved.  The signature fit on the house is the half moon window located on the top floor in the front.  It is the window to a ‘new’ world for all to see, we achieved the attention we wanted to get the message out.  The message: IMAGINE!


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